Articles I’ve Written

Lady Freethinker:

“These Biodegradable ‘Plastic’ Bags Are Made From Tapioca and Potatoes”

“Before and After: Tiny Rescue Dogs Make Amazing Transformation”

“Heartwrencher: The Children of Mosul Tell Their Stories in Video and Drawings”

“Brilliant! Recycled Hotel Soap is Now Saving Lives”

“Man in Viral Dog Abuse Video Tracked Down by Animal Rescuers”

“Victory for Planet Earth! World’s Largest Marine Protected Area Created”

“Paralyzed Dog Gets Acupuncture, is Now Learning to Walk Again”


“Five Reasons the Fashion Industry is Greening its Act”

“How Canine Body Language Can Help Us Understand Our Pets’ Behavior”

“Shelters Spotlight: How Support For Dog Owners is Making a Nebraska Community Stronger”

“Better Health for Food Deserts: Are Mobile Farmers Markets the Answer?”


“The Cat’s Meow” 

Ithaca Week:

“Nose-to-tail humane movement gains traction in Ithaca”

“Raising the Barre: Ballet fitness trend flows through Ithaca”

“Tompkins SPCA rescues 23 dogs from Los Angeles”

“Ithaca City School District declines placement of armed officer”

Cornell Alumni Magazine:

“Art Smart”

Blog: The Big Two-One

Blog: The Winter Break Blues

The Ithacan:

“Campus club advocates ending use of ‘R-word'”

“‘Mitzi’s Abortion: Comedic Show Bears Truth”

“Vising author digitalizes daily walks”

“‘California 37’: Train’s sound goes off tracks”


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